Retail Leasing and Advertising

At Souq Extra, our top priority is to build strong relationships and quality environments that support success, and to provide unique opportunities for our business partners to prosper. We offer a range of attractive retail leasing opportunities across our property portfolio, enabling various opportunities to help our business partners gain maximum exposure to our audiences, through Advertising and National Promotions & Strategic Partnerships.

For more information, view our leasing form or contact +971 04 379 1381.

Retail Leasing

At Souq Extra, our priority is to build relationships and environments that support success. We are committed to providing our retail partners with dynamic and highly effective platforms to showcase their brands, products and services, and creating a retail experience that is welcoming and personally enriching for consumers.

Our retail leasing team is a talented, dedicated group of individuals, knowledgeable about regional and national markets and global trends that continue to drive our industry to new and exciting heights.

We are keen to hear about your business development plans for the future and your perspectives on the market that continues to shape the UAE’s ever-growing economic infrastructure.

In the shopping centre business, success is dependent on the quality of the relationships we develop over time. We’re very excited about the retail business and building strong synergies. Let’s start the conversation.

For more information, view our leasing form or contact +971 04 379 1381.


We offer a network of interior and exterior banners and mall posters in strategic locations at each Souq Extra development. Souq Extra’s extensive customer base enables these media to deliver large numbers of impressions that influence shoppers when they are making their purchasing decisions.

The Souq Extra Media programmes can be used to complement a promotion or advertising campaign in other media, allowing marketers to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing investments.

For additional information on the Souq Extra Media programmes,
please call +971 04 379 1381